I lost my camera stupidly a while ago off the roof of my car and with the saving, saving and more saving of every last penny at the moment there isn’t much left over to be able to put towards a new one. ūüė¶ sad face. But I LOVE taking photos and though I might […]

We have been looking at Caravans on Gumtree and are happy with what we are seeing in our very limited price range. We are extremely determined to do this with a very small budget so this pleases us! The hardest part is seeing perfect vans but not actually being able to go and grab them, […]

  I spend so many hours browsing the internet for anything which may help in my planning for our Trip and as we are set on spending as little as we have to, before we set off and then when we are travelling, finding ways to save money is always a task. Trying to find¬†accommodation¬†can […]

One of my favourite parts of the planning is researching all of the amazing places we are going to get to experience. Something we needed to work out was which way we would travel. Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise? There are a few things to consider which are covered in my post which way? We have decided […]

Which way to travel around this big Island is something of an interesting debate. Here are a few of the factors to consider: ¬†Wind It is unlikely that you when planning your trip you are thinking about the Wind, but it is a worth a look into. Travelling head first into wind will make it […]

Choosing the vehicle was always going to be exciting. We had never had the opportunity to buy our own car before as our previous two had been generously handed down to us from my Partners parents so as you can imagine this was something we were hanging out for. We quickly decided that we would […]

  Deciding to set the goal and commit to taking out family around Australia was one that took a little bit of time and a lot of convincing (my Partner mostly). We assessed our situation and decided we didn’t want to have to put our dreams on hold for the sake of a little more […]