Deciding to Go


Deciding to set the goal and commit to taking out family around Australia was one that took a little bit of time and a lot of convincing (my Partner mostly).
We assessed our situation and decided we didn’t want to have to put our dreams on hold for the sake of a little more money in the bank or a newer shinier set of wheels.
We have never been the kind of people to live beyond our means. Getting into debt has only created stress and for what? something we didn’t even need in the first place, honestly.
We firstly took a look at our current situation, considered how much money we were spending on things we could do with out and finally wrote out a budget. Something we had never done before, but finally seeing how much money we could have left over to save excited and encouraged us no end!
Over the next few months we made any necessary tweaks to the set budget and started to see the money building in our savings account.

We made a few changes to our current situation to enable as much savings as possible. This included changing our internet plan to a cheaper deal, though this meant less data usage, we quickly adjusted and realised we were using what we had because we could, not because it was needed.
Next we had a think about the house we rented. We lived quite far from my partners work in town and were also paying quite a high rent for what was a pretty basic, badly built house. So when our lease ended we took the plunge and moved closer and into a house cheaper and nicer then our previous it is so much bigger, solid, has a wonderful heating system (important in Tas), a large backyard, close to an excellent school, buses, and a major shopping centre so we are thrilled! Moving also saved us quite a lot on petrol prices.
Luckily our eldest hadn’t started school before we moved so we weren’t disrupting her in that way. Though a week after we moved she started Kinder!

So we have made the decision to travel, we have written out our budget and moved in to a place that better suits our needs. It must be time to start considering our set up for the big trip!!


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