The Vehicle

Choosing the vehicle was always going to be exciting.
We had never had the opportunity to buy our own car before as our previous two had been generously handed down to us from my Partners parents so as you can imagine this was something we were hanging out for.

We quickly decided that we would get a 4×4.
We wanted the freedom to head off the tarmac and to be honest so much of Australia is only accessible by four wheel drive vehicles.
So that was the first decision made.

Next we  looked at both Diesel and Petrol and after many many hours spent researching the benefits of both, we were really no closer to deciding, so opted to see what came up and take it from there.

Though we were a little more keen on a diesel, considering our very tight budget the opportunity of finding one in great condition, at the price we hoped to pay, didn’t look to promising not to mention the fact that the selection you have to choose from down here in Tassie is really not that great..
We also knew that the Car would need the puling power to tow a Caravan around, so again that narrowed our search field.

We spent many days, weeks, months perusing all that popped up on Car sale sites and eventually found a winner through Gumtree.


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