Where will we go?

One of my favourite parts of the planning is researching all of the amazing places we are going to get to experience.
Something we needed to work out was which way we would travel. Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise?
There are a few things to consider which are covered in my post which way?

We have decided to head in a clockwise direction initially, driving along the Great ocean road, across the Nullarbor, look around SW WA , check out Margaret River, Up along the West Australian Coast, including some time spent exploring the Ningaloo reef after which we will head up to the Gibb river road (so excited about this!!) eventually make it to Darwin and then down the centre.

A Rough Idea for the First Six Months

At this stage we have no set date to leave we just have a goal for 2014 and this is about as far as we have planned and again even this isn’t set in stone, we are allowing ourselves the flexibility to change our minds.
We are spending the first 6 months travelling with my Sister in Law and her Son. We hope to achieve what I outlined above with them as this is something they really want to do as well.

So we will see how we go, but either way once we are out of Tassie the Adventure begins.

I would be interested to hear from others who have either done this before or parts of it, and especially if you have done it with children in tow!


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