Free Camping


I spend so many hours browsing the internet for anything which may help in my planning for our Trip and as we are set on spending as little as we have to, before we set off and then when we are travelling, finding ways to save money is always a task.

Trying to find accommodation can be tricky and when you have no idea of where exactly you are going, what the area is like and what is available to you, even doing the research to find out can become quite difficult.
Perhaps even trickier when you throw in that you want to Free Camp as much as possible throughout your trip.

So as I made my way from Forum to Forum, blog to blog, website to website I soon learnt of the most invaluable resource a traveller driving around Australia hoping to Free Camp could ask for, the ‘Holey Bible for Campers’ – Camps Australia wide

Camps6 with Photos!!

The ultimate guide for the budget & freedom traveller

A comprehensive guidebook to caravan and tourist parks across Australia

I decided to get myself a copy now even though there will be a new version out just as we are leaving. But already I am able to start piecing a loose plan together. Knowing that there are Free camps available in areas we really want to see, and then also knowing when we will have to pay for a camp site all helps in preparing ourselves for the journey.

Not only are the camp sites labelled as fee or free they even have an extra symbol to let you know if you can expect to pay over a certain amount for a night or not, which really with budgeting.
Also I recently got a road atlas for our trip, and now realise I wont be needing it as this book comes with detailed Hema Maps which will do just fine!

But it doesnt end there. Updates of any changes to the information in the book is made readily available on the Camps Australia Wide website.

Love this Book!


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