We have been looking at Caravans on Gumtree and are happy with what we are seeing in our very limited price range. We are extremely determined to do this with a very small budget so this pleases us!

The hardest part is seeing perfect vans but not actually being able to go and grab them, because we don’t actually have the funds just yet! But not too long now!!

On another note, the car is going great and we are closely monitoring our fuel usage as the Jack is extremely thirsty, not only compared to our little old Nimbus, but compared to most other vehicles today. We always knew she would be heavy on fuel but have been reassured time and time again that any extra that goes in to the tank will be saved on servicing as these babies are meant to be reliable hard working beasts! Currently we are doing between 15-18 l/100km with mostly city driving so I am happy enough with that.

I also wanted to let you all know of my own little business I have started called ‘Aestival’ It is a web design and development business and I am looking for any help to get my feet off the ground at the moment, I am also currently running a competition over on my page so pop over and check it out!!

My home!


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