I lost my camera stupidly a while ago off the roof of my car and with the saving, saving and more saving of every last penny at the moment there isn’t much left over to be able to put towards a new one. 😦 sad face.
But I LOVE taking photos and though I might not have a fabulous camera it does not hold me back.
I have been using the slow little camera on the back of my Android phone which at least captures the moment, and more recently my lovely Mum lent me her little point and shoot which has slightly upped the quality!

So although I lost my digital baby, I will not lose my passion for taking photos so I decided to join in the photo-a-day challenge using the list over on ‘Fat Mum Slim’

Here are my photo’s so far!

July – Day 1: Self portrait

July – Day 2: Busy… well a break from Busy!

July – Day 3: Best Part of your day;
Spending time with my family, exploring and teaching them about the big and little things in life.

July – Day 4: Fun;
Finley dressing up in his sister’s school dress!

July – Day 5: On the Floor;
Thea’s new reading/music/lounging nook!

July – Day 6: Chair…. well, using his Daddy as one anyway.

July – Day 7: Garden…. View from my garden this morning!

July – Day 8: Lunch (?)….. what I should of had, but instead I ate copious amounts of Macrons, Chocolate, Cake, Chips and cheese. Thank you Ladies of the Glebe!! x


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